Change – Part 1 – Change Agents and Women

I’m reading an interesting book entitled: Change – How to Make Big Things Happen by Damon Centola. It is a fascinating look at social networks and how change is propagated. While reading, the following two fascinating questions came up:

How does change occur in the Church?

What are the symptoms of an organization that marginalizes women?

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Lazy Learning – An Introduction

In the April 2021 general conference, President Russel M. Nelson gave a talk entitled Christ is risen; Faith in Him Will Move Mountains. Most of the talk is an appeal to members to increase faith. He utilizes the keywords common to this subject, such as faith, belief, and doubt. But the cultural implications that these words carry may differ from their usage outside of the Church.

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The Turtle and The Earth

“Good night, Grandpa,” Jake mumbled to the silhouette at his bedroom door.

“Good night, Jake. See you in the morning,” came the low voice. With a shrug of his shoulder, the man pushed off from the door frame and began to turn.

“Grandpa, do you believe in the Great Turtle?”

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Theophany Miscellany

In his closing remarks for the October 2019 general conference, church President Nelson suggested that we prepare for the spring session “by reading afresh Joseph Smith’s account of the First Vision as recorded in the Pearl of Great Price.” This is the best known account of the experience of the young Joseph and one that we should all be familiar with. However, there are also several other accounts that are similarly valuable.

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Distinguishing Doctrine and Practice

It is my experience, both personal and observed, that we can create our own faith crisis by putting our faith in the wrong things. Some things must be unchanging, true, and good. Other may not be. Our faith is constructed from childhood with simplistic stories, but that which we can understand as a child is often much different than reality.

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Faith Crossing – Part Two

In part one I describe a tension between the church and those in faith crisis and post-deconstruction stages. Assuming that we want to retain these people, the question is:

How can the church, as an institution, help people through a faith crisis or reconstruction?

I have a few ideas.

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