The Turtle and The Earth

“Good night, Grandpa,” Jake mumbled to the silhouette at his bedroom door.

“Good night, Jake. See you in the morning,” came the low voice. With a shrug of his shoulder, the man pushed off from the door frame and began to turn.

“Grandpa, do you believe in the Great Turtle?”

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Adam: The Man, The Myth

I have occasionally paraphrased a quote that I have attributed (possibly erroneously) to LDS Apostle B. H. Roberts. It goes something like this:

God has give us two accounts of the creation of the earth. One is written on the pages of the Bible and the other is recorded in the layers of crust of the earth. It is only due to our misunderstanding of each that they disagree.

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Bibles, Bibles, Bibles

The canon (official scriptures) of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints includes the Holy Bible. The Bible is the foundation of our Christian faith. As a general rule, we use the King James version (KJV). At the time of the restoration, there was NO official version or most correct version or the only allowed version. Continue reading “Bibles, Bibles, Bibles”