Women At Church Should . . .

I attended my first FAIRMormon conference in 2012. It was a wonderful experience to associate with other church members that did not consider it unfaithful to “think” about church subjects. One of the speakers was Neylan McBaine who presented “To Do The Business of the Church: A Cooperative Paradigm for Examining Gender Participation Within Church Organizational Structure.” Continue reading “Women At Church Should . . .”

Adam: The Man, The Myth

I have occasionally paraphrased a quote that I have attributed (possibly erroneously) to LDS Apostle B. H. Roberts. It goes something like this:

God has give us two accounts of the creation of the earth. One is written on the pages of the Bible and the other is recorded in the layers of crust of the earth. It is only due to our misunderstanding of each that they disagree.

Continue reading “Adam: The Man, The Myth”

Humanitarian Missions

Is There Better Missionary Service?

A week ago our family watched a movie called “The Letters.” It is a fascinating story of the work and life of Mother Teresa. It describes the challenges she faced in her desire to serve the poorest of the poor while simultaneously struggling with a personal spiritual insensitivity. Continue reading “Humanitarian Missions”