Blog of Eugene Bodrero

We seem to be in the midst of a slow-burn revolution and religious reformation largely caused (or enabled) by the Internet. Our society is (rightly) becoming more skeptical, especially of hierarchical organizations that historically controlled access to information. “Fact checking” by the layperson is both destabilizing and liberating. For those of us caught up in the turmoil, it can be unsettling.

Where does this leave church, religion, and faith?

As I rebuild my faith (like so many others), the simplistic stories of the past must be replaced. The “new” foundation for faith must allow for a perspective that is inclusive of the breadth of human knowledge and experience while still offering fundamental principles for life.

This blog is a record of my explorations of religious thought as I consider the foundational elements of my own faith. Hopefully, my family and two friends will find some of thoughts useful.

Eugene Bodrero

My Mottos

Life sucks and then you die.

There is nothing so close to perfection as our own ignorance.

A fool and a slave have contrary perceptions
One sees only answers and
the other only questions.

Knowing your duty and not doing it is a greater burden than knowing and doing.

There is more truth and good in the gray than there is in the black and white.

“Real” questions in life don’t have answers.

If you think you have “The Truth,” get in line.